Originated in 1986

There's no denying that the only thing more irritating than ineffective diaper rash cream is…well, diaper rash. This need for a better remedy is where it all started, over 30 years ago.

In 1986, Kevin Floyd and Gary Anderson, two practicing pharmacists in Charleston, SC teamed up to research and develop a simple, yet very effective formula that would be as pleasing to local moms as it was to what it was being put on. A clever combination of their last names resulted in the brand name, Flanders.


As demand grew, the pharmacists behind the affectionately named “Buttocks Ointment” decided to make it available to other pharmacies nationwide. Flanders, Inc was incorporated in1986 and a FDA registered manufacturer was teamed up with to produce their formulation right here in the USA as it still is today.

The Floyd family continues to operate the company today – and honor their late father and husband’s legacy through growing the Flander’s brand just as he would have wished. Whether it is an OTC monographed product or an all-natural plant based personal care item, providing USA made, safe and effective skin care remedies, for parents and their little ones is where we begin every new formulation.

Our Mission

The Floyd family, in addition to expanding the Flanders brand, work to increase awareness of glioblastoma, the cancer that claimed their father’s life. Their mission to educate others in remembrance of his bravery and strength, is further proof that a passion for helping people can, indeed, be passed down from one generation to the next.